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T-Equalizer based company that was established in 2005 and we deal mostly in the design, development and manufacturing of Electroluminescence products (Light TNovelty, Led Shirt)

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Oour company is a professional EL lamp and relative products manufactory (Led T-Shirt, T Qualizer),
Our company has over 5 years solid experience and our based factory has built up a strong production team as we employ sound qualified engineers who have excellent experience in art, electronic and mechanical design.
Our engineering staff has more than twenty years combined experience in the electroluminescence industry (EL).(Flash T-Novelty, El T-Shirt)

T-Equalizer, Wifi and LED technology are  all our product .Good quality, competitive price, professional services, on time delivery" is our promise to our clients. If out of stock It will take 3 weeks for delivery.

T EQualizer Shirt, Led Shirts, T Qualizer

We are a T-qualizer Factory Distributor, and also many fashion LED product www.t-qualizershirt.com is our website .

T-qualizer, Glow T Shirt, Wifi and LED novelty are  all our product .Good quality, competitive price, Professional services, on time delivery" is our promise to our clients. Out of stock will take 3 weeks delivery time.The T Qualizer is great!

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Led T-Shirts, El T-Novelty

What is the T-EQualizer Shirt?

The E Qualizer, el shirt, is an LED T-shirt that flashes to sounds! The equalizer t-shirt uses elecrtroluminescence (micro-electronics) on the front of the shirt that display colored light images, much like an LED Shirt, El Shirts. The electronic panel on the t-shirt T-Equalizer is paper thin — you can’t even tell it’s there! Plus, the T equalizer shirt, el t shirts is designed to react to sound! It works like a real equalizer! Your T shirt LED will react with the music, el t-shirt. With our EL T Shirt, you are sure to turn heads in the club. Order yours today!, el t-shirt

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EL product is a new type of environmentally friendly high-tech products.in Europe, America, Middle East and other major international markets are very popular. So the market prospects are very good. My factory is special at producing el product,like el t-shirt,el backlight,el badge,el hat ,el wire and el advertisement and so on .because We are manufature ,so we enjoy high technology and good quality .Sure,our price is also very competitive in the whole market. So you can compete in the market to achieve a very good advantage, and get very high profits

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Our prices are renewed ,so check the Website. We hope that we not just consider the price ,but also the quality at the same time .Our materail are from USA ,so we can promise the quality for you ,thanks .

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www.T-QualizerShirt.com are specialize in LED /EL T Shirts and offer customer high quality products with competitively pricing . We are as well specialized to customize products for your requirement. Led Shirt

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We have first-class quality and price, we can guarantee this!Sso to build up a relationship between us will be your lucky and our honor. Led T-Shirts, El T-Shirt, Led Shirt.

We are specialize in producing and exporting EL products for many years. our technic is experienced. our main product is EL T-shirt, EL advertising and EL panel. Led T-Shirts

Led Shirts

Led Shirts

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